We're advocates, connectors, and catalysts.

Who We Are

Magnify Community is a nonprofit initiative building a movement to invest in Silicon Valley nonprofit organizations.

As advocates, connectors, and catalysts, we’re leveraging the expertise of existing organizations and piloting new tools to engage both new and experienced donors in the power of local giving. By making our community a top priority for philanthropists, we believe Silicon Valley can be a better place for all of us.

What we believe

It's a simple idea: anyone who has found financial success in Silicon Valley should invest in the local community. That’s because we know that despite its riches, Silicon Valley is a place of deep and hidden needs. And when philanthropists back nonprofits here, they can make a profound difference that ripples throughout the community. They can back local leaders and see the impact of their philanthropy up close. They can model generosity and civic engagement for the next generation. Most important, they can make their home a better place for everyone.

We also believe in a "yes, and..." approach that recognizes that giving to local nonprofits can be part of a broader philanthropic portfolio that reflects donors' values.

How we work

We test ideas, bring people together, and spark action. As a nimble team, our goal is not to add any more layers but rather to simplify, add insight, and link experts and the most useful existing resources. We’re continually testing unconventional ways to make the local philanthropic experience more satisfying, effective, and joyful.

Our Funders

We’re backed by some of the most respected foundations in the Valley.

The Grove Foundation

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