Invest where you live.


Through the Magnify Community Pledge, we’re building a movement of donors and leaders who share our belief that local giving should be part of every Silicon Valley philanthropy portfolio.

How the Pledge works.

Philanthropists who commit to the Magnify Community Pledge agree to measurably increase or sustain their local giving, and to inspire others to do the same by doing one or more of the following:

Commit that 20% or more of their total annual giving will go to local community-serving organizations.

Increase their annual giving to local community-serving organizations by a specific dollar amount or percentage.

Proudly commit to continue their annual giving to local community-serving organizations at a significant dollar or percentage amount.


Percentage of pledgers pledging more than 20% of their philanthropy to local nonprofits 


Total dollars pledged over three years


Percentage of pledgers who’ve elected more than one pledge option