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We make it easy and rewarding for Silicon Valley philanthropists to give locally, by connecting them with high-impact nonprofits addressing causes close to their hearts and meeting local needs.

The tools you need.

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A community of donors

Through virtual and in-person events, learning opportunities, and access to a network of peers and partner organizations, we help Silicon Valley philanthropists connect with others to share ideas, resources, and advice. 

Contact us to learn more about upcoming opportunities.

Big Bet Opportunities
Fundable opportunities

We gather insight on compelling organizations and collaboratives that need significant capital investment to scale, address systemic issues, and create big, bold change. 

Contact us for more information on specific issue areas or geographic locations you are looking to learn more about.

Second Harvest Food Bank
Customized Information

We help donors access pre-vetted portfolios of high-impact organizations, curated by leading experts, that are making a difference. Discover The Silicon Valley Give Lists, and The Civic Participation Giving Guide.

We also leverage our networks to provide donors with referrals to partner organizations and advisors that can help guide their local giving in response to emerging and urgent issues. Learn more about organizations addressing Census 2020 and Wildfire needs.

What would you have done
Nonprofit Search Tool

Magnify Community built a searchable database in 2019 to help high-capacity donors connect with effective local nonprofits vetted and approved by some of the most respected foundations in Silicon Valley.

In keeping with our function as a philanthropic innovation lab, we do not plan to update this tool at this time, but you can still access it here.

Responding to questions we're hearing.

I know what issues I care about, but there are so many local nonprofits. How can I tell which are really making a difference?

Would my money be better spent internationally, where need seems so much greater than here?

I like to support leaders with innovative ideas. How do I find local nonprofits with visionary leadership?

I’m an entrepreneur who believes in scaling solutions. Can funding local efforts result in big changes?

I live in Silicon Valley but I’m not from here, so why should I donate my money here?

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