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What exactly is Magnify Community and what do you do?

We are a startup nonprofit project of the Social Good Fund, inspiring philanthropists to give locally in Silicon Valley by connecting and convening donors, nonprofits, advisors, business leaders, and intermediaries. We are not grant-makers and are not aggregating capital for distribution. Instead, we facilitate ways for donors to give locally – whether donating directly to individual nonprofits or to local giving circles or pooled funds, and using any vehicle of their choosing (DAF, foundation, personal account, etc.).

What does success look like for Magnify Community?

We want local giving to become the norm in Silicon Valley. Right now, less than 10% of philanthropy impacts local families and communities in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. We aim to catalyze at least $100M of additional funding directed towards local community-serving organizations, a first step in initiating this norm change.

We are a time-bound initiative (3-5 years) so our success means transitioning the most promising pilots to existing local institutions that can continue after our effort has ended.

How are you different from other foundations, such as the Silicon Valley Community Foundation?

Magnify Community is not a foundation, and we don't make our own grants. With a goal of creating a stronger community through local giving, we are a neutral, independent, and networked organization and centered around partnership and collaboration. We do not take any fees for our work. We work with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation as well as other philanthropic organizations who share our vision to catalyze and inspire local philanthropy.

What kinds of nonprofits are you focusing on?

We focus on community-based nonprofits that work in Silicon Valley across a full spectrum of issues, including housing, food security, education, youth, arts, environment, civil rights, health, workforce development, and more. We believe a vibrant community relies on nonprofits using a range of strategies, including direct services, advocacy, and organizing. Our work is specifically focused on organizations that significantly serve people living and working in San Mateo and/or Santa Clara counties (regardless of where the organizations are headquartered).

I work at a local nonprofit. How will you promote our work? Can we share our materials with you?

The team at Magnify Community brings years of experience working in nonprofits, and deep connections to the community. We hope to continue to learn and discover more about the powerful work led by our local nonprofits. To send us material about your organization, please reach out to Aude Anquetil, our Director of Strategic Partnerships at aude@magnifycommunity.com. We will showcase the work of local nonprofits as it aligns with the interests expressed by the philanthropists who are engaged in our mission.

I am a wealth advisor. Can you speak to our team/clients about needs in their communities?

Of course! Our role as advocates is to reveal the hidden needs and opportunities for impact in Silicon Valley. We would be thrilled to speak about some of the challenges we face here and the many effective nonprofits addressing these challenges. Contact us on our form above and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I am a philanthropist/grantmaker and would be interested in doing more work locally. Can you share a few initiatives I should consider?

Absolutely. Our goal is connect donors with the incredible ecosystem of local nonprofits working on issues ranging from access to arts, education, housing, nutrition and much more. We can also point you to other relevant resources, people, and organizations that can help you achieve your local giving goals.

I am interested in taking the Magnify Community Pledge. What do I do next?

Wonderful! The Magnify Community Pledge is an initiative targeting high-capacity donors who make significant gifts, and commit to giving locally to nonprofits in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Please contact us at pledge@magnifycommunity.com so we can find a time to discuss the pledge with you and share our materials.

I heard about the Silicon Valley Give Lists that you are piloting with Fidelity Charitable. Can my organization get on those lists?

The Give Lists are an initial prototype of a tool that we are testing in partnership with the Sobrato Family Foundation and Fidelity Charitable to make local giving easier for Silicon Valley donors. The lists, which were curated by the Sobrato Family Foundation, are publicly available here. These lists are not intended to be comprehensive, and we will not be adding to them until we receive data about their effectiveness. If they prove to be useful in sparking more giving, we hope to test additional curators, topics, and implementation partners.

More detailed information about the Give Lists is available here.

I heard about the Nonprofit Search Tool. Can my organization get on those lists?

The nonprofit search tool developed by Magnify Community is an initial prototype, aimed at making it easier for donors to identify vetted nonprofits serving people living or working in San Mateo and/or Santa Clara counties. This database was built aggregating the local portfolios of our six funders: David and Lucile Packard, Grove, Heising-Simons, Sand Hill, Sobrato, and Sunlight Giving foundations, as well as the Peery Foundation’s local portfolio.

This database is a pilot. As we evaluate how helpful it is to support donors in identifying local giving opportunities, we hopefuly will expand it to include more nonprofits doing valuable work.

More detailed information about the Give Lists is available here.